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Middletown SAY Soccer


Team Sizes on field 4 Vs 4 with Goalies

Starting the Game Both teams will choose one of their teammates to call heads or tails in a coin toss or perform paper rocks scissors. Winning team starts with the ball

The game is started at the center of the field.

The team who kicks off passes the ball to a teammate at one of the coaches’ signal.

The opposing team is not allowed to enter the center circle until the team kicks off.

 Each team is allowed up to one coach for each on field to help direct the flow of the game.

 Fouls, Coaches ref their games knowing that they should be very lenient and calling a foul and use the opportunity to explain and teach.

Fouls include:

• Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent. Accidentally kicking an opponent while tackling the ball is not a foul unless it was careless, reckless, or there was excessive force.

• Tripping or attempting to trip an opponent (if careless, reckless or using excessive force)

• Charging in to an opponent, including goalkeeper (if careless, reckless or using excessive force)

• Pushing an opponent, including goalkeeper (if careless, reckless or using excessive force)

• Striking or attempting to strike an opponent (if careless, reckless or using excessive force)

• Blatant holding or pulling

• Deliberately handling the ball Practice and Game Lengths

 Each game will consist of Six 4 min sessions half time 5 min,  Substitutions Every 4 minutes the clock will stop to switch out players. Meaning coaches will have six different times to switch out players. A substitution can only be performed when the ball is not in play. Game in play As long as the ball stays in the field the game is in play. The ball is considered in play as long as it is inside the goal and side lines. Therefore, the ball may be touching the outer part of the goal or side line and still be considered in play.

Ball Size Size 3

Ball Out of Bounds If the ball crosses the side line it is a throw in. The team who did not touch the ball last before the ball last before the ball crossed the line gets the throw in. The Clock will not be stopped. Inclement weather Usually soccer is played in either rain or shine, however if the weather is extremely bad practices/games will be canceled for the day. 

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